Mission, Vision, Values

our bakashana family values

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire Zambian women and girls by providing them a future of choice through education, livelihood training, health services, leadership mentoring, and cultural exchange.

Our Vision

Women and girls living as progressive, self-confident and socially involved leaders of a changing and more equitable world.

Our History and Values

Christine, one of Bakashana’s first Graduates

Bakashana began as a collaboration between Zambian educators and school administrators Christopher and Beatrice Chileshe, and United States Peace Corps Volunteer Claire Albrecht and her father, William.

The organization was founded to assist young women in rural Zambia (specifically, Kasama) by providing scholarships for those young women who showed academic promise to continue into secondary school, but lacked the financial resources.

Since then, the program has evolved significantly and increased in breadth, depth, and scale. As we grow and develop together, the family at Bakashana keeps in mind and heart the original objective from which it was formed: to empower women within our Kasama community.